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Apr 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. >>> toyota plans to pay up to the government for failing to report gas pedal problems on the vehicles. toyota expected to agree to a $16.4 million fine, the deadline to contest the record breaking fine is tomorrow. video has been incredible but the follow up from the volcanic eruption in iceland left hundreds of thousands of travelers standed. torrell brown reports. >> reporter: test flights took to the skies over europe as major airlines look for ways to get planes in the air. pilots did not report problems after flying below the cloud of ash. that combined with a favorable weather forecast, has aviation officials hopeful some flights may resume on monday. . >> tomorrow almost 50% of european space will be risk free. >> reporter: for now, tens of thousands of passengers remain stranded. some confuse aid bout whether it is safe to fly. >> it's a good question. >> reporter: many europeans are stranded in the u.s. as they wait for the skies to clear. they are not all stuck at the airport. some are coming to sea word. if some come to park with a valid airline ticket from last wednesday t
Apr 7, 2010 11:00pm EDT
monday. >>> than e-mail has come to light that may hurt toyota. a public executive wrote quote, we need to come clean about accelerator problems. that is according to the associated press. the e-mail also said the time to hide on this one is over. we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet, unquote. >>> the u.s. transportation department may fine toyota a record $16 million by not notifying the government quickly enough. >>> hope is fading tonight for the west virginia coal miners. high methane gas have prevented workers. but hope crews could enter the mines sometime tonight. it's those high levels of methane gas that killed 25 miners. an it's also been revealed the company has been cited for violations. >>> a teenager said she was grabbed if behind and then raped at her apartment complex. police released this sketch of the suspect. investigators say on monday the 1-year-old was -- 19-year-old was walking when the suspect dragged her into a laundry room and raped her. if you think you have any information call crime stoppers. >>> well, he was a husband, a father and
Apr 13, 2010 11:00pm EDT
sharp turns. toyota says it will conduct tests on the 460 so it can correct problems. >>> the senate strikes back at airlines to keep you from charging you money. >> reporter: if maryland senator carton and some of his colleagues have their way, this idea of carry on baggage fees will be permenantly grounded. you will pay a lot to fly these days. >> used to be, when you got on the plane they gave you something to drink. they gave you a meal. now they take your food away from you. they won't give you anything to eat. >> reporter: it's not getting much better. spirit airline has announced that it will begin charging customers $45 at the gate for carry on bags. starting in august. >> since they're going to charge it, just put it into the ticket fee. don't turn around and charge you for a ticket then charge you for a bag, then charge you for a carry on. >> reporter: spirits plan is on the radar of some congress members who are criticizing carriers for creating a burden on fliers. >> but the decision by spirit airline to charge passengers a whopping $45 for a carry on bag has crossed the
Apr 16, 2010 11:00pm EDT
the other toyota recalls. >>> thousands of flights flights flights are being cap selled because of -- flights are being canceled because of the volcanic ash over europe. >> reporter: the vol cannish ash over europe is raining down chaos for many of the airports. >> ice frustrated, irritated, twitterpated, but oh well. >> reporter: more than half of the usual traffic did not get in on friday. >> sitting here now i'm awaiting going back to dublin, ireland, and we don't know how long. >> reporter: some of the airports in scottland have reopened. the cloud is threatening to delay the funeral for the president of poland because some lead aroma's i not be able to get -- leaders may not be able to get there. and now injured soldiers from afghanistan and iraq have to be flown directly to washington. from the ground you cannot see the cloud causing the trouble but they are not taking any chances. it's extremely abrasive volcanic glass. when sucked in an aircraft's engine it melts and gums up essential moving parts which can lead to failure. >> it's a phenomena beyond the control of everybod
Apr 19, 2010 11:00pm EDT
record $64 million in fines for a slow response to a myriad of problems. toyota is still trying to recover its imagine over recalls. >>> william borders died this morning. borders led the area's 9 million catholics for 15 years beginning in 1974. during his life, he was chapland earning the bronze star. bishop has died in hospice. he was 96 years old. funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized. >>> he brought down sheila dixon now he's calling it quits. state prosecutor wrote to the governor announcing his retirement. in his career he trieded to pursue corruption wherever the evidence led. but he will best be known for securitying a plea deal with dixon and getting two developers to confess to campaign charges. >>> new fines are being proposed to fine rowdy revelers. at places like felts point and federal hill are targets. kai jackson reports on the proposal. >> reporter: city council president young says to cut down on on rowdy behavior, you have to crack down on night bars. so city council president young wants patrons to bring it down a notch. >> we want you to know how to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5